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New Prey Trailer: ‘Typhon Research’ Reveals Aliens

Through the release of classified materials, a ton of information is now available about the aliens players will face in Prey. Stuck in a space station above the moon, players will battle these aliens as they try to unravel the mysteries surrounding Talos 1. What use to be a beautiful research center is now overrun with a biological entity known only as, the Typhon.

Finding Typhon On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Set in an alternative history, the Soviets send out a satellite to the moon. While on the dark side of the moon, the satellite begins to experience some malfunctions. The Soviets send up cosmonauts to determine why the satellite cease working. Upon opening the satellite, the creatures reveal themselves and the Russian cosmonauts are lost. Time passes and the Soviets approach John F. Kennedy to pilot a joint venture to study the aliens. Kennedy agrees and the first space station is built orbiting the moon.

The joint governments combine their efforts while researching the Typhon. Several decades pass and no new discoveries happen. There is no practical, no militaristic or commercial progress made on the  research of the aliens. Then during routine research, there is a breach and the aliens escape and both governments abandon the space station.

Welcome The Transtar Corporation

Fast forward to the 21st century and in steps the Transtar Corporation. This company purchases the space station and renovates it into Talos 1. Transtar attempts to research the aliens in hopes of discovering new technologies. In just few years, Transtar makes more progress in research than the U.S. and Russians did in three decades. New applications are making their way through research and development. Things are looking up until, yep, another breach occurs. Welcome to Talos 1, hope you enjoy your stay.


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