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Strafe goes back to the 90s this March

The gloriously retro FPS that is Strafe will be taking PC gamers back to the land of gibs this March.

Remember how to Strafe?

Huzzah for gibs! Strafe, if you don’t know, is decidedly old school in its implementation. Yes, it’s an FPS, but it’s an FPS that celebrates a simpler time for the genre, one from the era of it’s true birth. Not that it’s all classically styled though.

Soaked in blood, and with ludicrous fragging (and strafing!), you might be inclined to see Strafe purely as a retro game. And it sort of is. Here’s the thing too though, it’s got procedurally generated levels. So, basically, while all the themes will remain the same, the maps will be different every time you play. That should lend itself to keeping this one fresh and in your queue for some time.

Up to now, Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans haven’t pegged a release date for the game. But finally, we can tell you that 90s-style FPS’ will be returning as of March 28th, exclusively for the PC.

So mark your calendars folks (with a red pen of course), cause you;ll be fragging like it’s 1996 all over again before you know it.


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