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Daredevil #17 (Comics) Preview

So, just how did Matt Murdock regain his secret identity? Supernatural shenanigans abound as we find out in Daredevil #17.

Just how did Daredevil regain his secret identity?! At last, the story fans have been asking about will be revealed! It all kicks off this February in DAREDEVIL #17, the first chapter in a brand-new story arc! Blockbuster creators Charles Soule and Ron Garney gear up to tell the story that’s been on everyone’s minds since their very first page! It’s no secret that Matt Murdock is the man under the Daredevil mask. He admitted it to the world a long time ago. But what if you could put the genie back in the bottle? What if you could protect the loved ones you put in harm’s way? Only, if he wants to regain his anonymity…it’s going to cost him. What price did Matt Murdock pay to make his identity secret once more? Who got left behind in the process? The story of Matt’s secret identity and his return to New York begins on February 15th in the can’t-miss DAREDEVIL #17!

Daredevil’s secret, safe once more

Well, number one, I’m happy Marvel made DD’s secret a secret once again. There aren’t a ton of heroes in the Marvel U that have secret ID’s after all, and it was part of what I liked about Daredevil . So, whatever the reason that it’s secret again, I dig it.

I have to imagine though, that Mephisto is involved here. One of the biggest demons in Marvel’s version of hell, Mephisto made a similar deal for Spider-Man not all that long ago. Peter Parker got his secrets back, with the world forgetting that he had taken the mask off publicly. There was a cost though, but you knew that already since we’re talking deals with demons.

That cost was that Pete was no longer married too MJ. So that begs the question- what’d Matt give up? And I guess, who’s he sacrifice whatever it was to? I know I’m glancing ‘Phisty’s way here, but it could easily have been some other supernatural character. After all, we pretty clearly see a few scattered in this preview.

Whatever it was, and whoever it is that ‘helped’ him, we’ll find out soon enough. Daredevil #17 brings some answers to fans on February 15th. Scroll down for the preview.

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