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March is Venom month at Marvel

Venom takes over Marvel’s covers this coming March.

Venom is back

Yep, he’s back alright, and in a big way. Not that he’s his old self really, as this new Venom isn’t Eddie Brock, and the symbiote is actually not all that fond of him. Apparently, its time fused to the heroic Flash Thompson changed it on a fundamental level.

Still though, as goes the host, so goes the costume. And so, Venom is very much back to being a villain. And the opening arc is building towards a pretty big moment too – the new Venom’s first encounter with Spider-Man.

“Mike and Gerardo have a lot up their sleeves and they’re just getting started,” says Associate Editor Devin Lewis. “Each issue ramps up the stakes, and March’s VENOM #5 is the biggest one yet. With a knock-down, drag-out fight with the one-and-only Spider-Man and a cliffhanger that’s definitely going to turn lots of heads.”

That’s gonna be a good one. If you’re a Spidey fan, it’s gotta be on your calendar already. But the month of March isn’t going to stop there, as Marvel has a bunch of variant crossover cover planned as well.

“One of the coolest things about Venom is getting to see the symbiote bond with other Marvel characters. Well, we’re taking that idea and dialing it up to eleven this March,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Some of our top heroes are about to get a symbiote makeover, courtesy of the best artists in the business. Each of these mega-talented artists let their imaginations run wild, producing some truly fun (and frightening!) variant covers.”

SO, what books will be graced with a Venomized Variant? Scroll on…

  1. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #18 by Francesco Mattina
  2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25 by Dave Johnson
  4. AVENGERS #5 by David Marquez
  5. BLACK PANTHER #12 by Elizabeth Torque
  7. CHAMPIONS #6 by Mike Deodato
  8. DEADPOOL #28 by David Lopez
  9. DOCTOR STRANGE #18 by Tess Fowler
  10. GAMORA #4 by Stephanie Hans
  11. GHOST RIDER #5 by Dustin Weaver
  12. HULK #4 by Emmanuela Lupacchino
  13. INHUMANS PRIME #1 by Ryan Stegman
  14. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #5 by Rick Leonardi
  15. KINGPIN #2 by Clayton Crain
  16. MAN-THING #1 by Stephanie Hans
  17. THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 by Clayton Crain
  18. OCCUPY AVENGERS #5 by Paolo Siquera
  19. OLD MAN LOGAN #19 by Gustavo Duarte
  20. SPIDER-GWEN #18 by Sophie Campbell
  21. SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #15 by Dave Williams
  22. THANOS #5 by Rob Guillory
  23. THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #17 by Mike Choi
  25. THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL #13 by Yasmine Putri
  26. X-MEN PRIME #1 by Kris Anka

Woo – that’s a whole mess to choose from if you’re a Venom nut. Fortunately, there’s only one ‘real’ Venom story in March, so you don’t really have to pick up all those books if you don’t want to.

Here’s a sneak peek at the visuals:

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