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Harbinger Renegade #2 (Comics) Preview

Guess who’s back? Peter Stanchek returns in issue two of Harbinger Renegade.

Return of the King

Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Faith Herbert, and John Torkelson thought they could go underground. They thought they could get their old lives back. They were wrong. As four psionically powered “psiots” that can defy the laws of physics with a thought alone, this extraordinarily dangerous team of renegades won’t be able to escape the fight that society has brought to their door. As a violent, new superpower movement spreads across the suburbs, America’s only hope will be the teenagers it wished it could forget.

On December 21stRafer Roberts and Darick Robertson take the Harbinger Renegades past the point of no return…and straight towards HARBINGER WARS 2! Be there as Alexander Solomon’s dramatic confrontation with Valiant’s most dangerous superteam makes comics history, only in HARBINGER RENEGADE #2 – Featuring covers by Darick Robertson (Happy!), Adam Polina (X-Force), rising star Monika PaloszClayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS), Kano (Daredevil), and Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl)!

Plus: Don’t miss your chance to discover an essential prelude to the conflagration that’s coming with HARBINGER WARS 2 #0 – an exclusive, limited-edition Valiant zero issue that can only be obtained by redeeming mail-away coupons included in HARBINGER RENEGADE #1-4! Featuring a can’t-miss prologue to the landmark comic event of 2018, readers simply have to clip and ship their detachable coupons to receive this one-of-a-kind, advance chapter torn from the future of the Valiant Universe! Look for full participation guidelines for redeeming your copy of HARBINGER WARS 2#0 in all copies of HARBINGER RENEGADE #1-4!

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Harbinger Renegade looks to get even better

If you read BG, then you probably already know that we enjoyed the hell out of the first issue of Harbinger Renegade. The book not only brings the Renegades team back to the Valiant Universe, but it seriously ups the ante with new threats and an apparently way more powerful Peter Stanchek.

Stanchek has already gone toe to toe with Toyo Harada too. Keep in mind that the villainous Harada is one of the post powerful characters in Valiant’s universe. So if he’s even more powerful now… well, that’s really something is the point. Bottom line, the book is -so far- awesome, and loaded with cool stuff.

So if you haven’t given Harbinger Renegade a peek, you might want to do so. Look for issue two on the racks on December the 21st. Full preview is below.

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