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Steins;Gate 0 Receives European Release

Steins;Gate 0 Is Out Overseas

Visual novels have come a long way. They have gone from being an incredibly niche market to having much more critical acclaim and attention. Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, and Steins;Gate are all excellent examples of this. The last one is of particular note, because its sequel, Steins;Gate 0, has finally been released outside of Japan

The original Steins;Gate focused on a professor and his adventures with a time machine. Steins;Gate 0 focuses on a different “worldline” than the original. Be warned, however, this is not a happy worldline. Breaking away from the original game, Okabe Rintaro, the main character, has failed in his mission to save the love of his life. To make matters worse, World War III and the extinction of the human race are very real possibilities because of Rintaro’s actions. The plot focuses on an old lover bringing him an artificial intelligence that many will seek to exploit. He must protect it, despite being deeply depressed and having abandoned his time travel research.

In a rare twist, the game has been released in Europe before North America. Normally, games that are brought over from Japan are released in reverse order. European gamers will no doubt be grateful to receive it first for once. Although North American gamers will not have to wait long. It is out in Europe now, and will be released in North America on November 29th.

Steins;Gate 0 is available on PS4 and PS Vita

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