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Tempest Expansion Avaliable for Endless Legend

Tempest brings Endless Legend into uncharted waters.

Endless Legend and expansions go hand and hand. There have been half a dozen for the game in total, three major and three minor.  The major expansions add a great deal, two of them having added new factions. Tempest, the latest major expansion, has been released on Steam with a price tag of $12.99. Because of this, and the recent release of Endless Space 2, most of the Endless franchise is now on sale to celebrate.

Tempest brings a lot to Endless Legend, and naval combat is at the top of the list, something that was never possible before. The new faction introduced in Tempest, the Morgawr, will operate mainly from the sea.  Though they will still attempt to seize control over land, with their mind control and curse abilities.  In addition to them, sea monsters have also been introduced to the game, making the sea a very dangerous place.

The sea will be more than empty space, however.  Giant fortress will act as strongholds that will turn the tide of power on the sea. What is more, massive structures have emerged that can be exploited for resources and bonuses for empires. Ancient beings guard them, meaning that they cannot simply be taken. Said beings must be dealt with in some way. Whether it be by bartering or by killing them.  These creatures also roam freely through “wild” sections of the sea which are also buffeted by storms.

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