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Zubmariner DLC out for Sunless Sea

Delve into the Depths with Zubmariner

Fans of Sunless Sea who have long been awaiting the released of the Zubmariner DLC have had their patience rewarded, as it is officially out. Sunless Sea is set in the underground world of the Neath and the sea that lies within it, the Zee. The DLC takes players underneath the Zee, to the underwater treasures that lie there, as well as the dangers.

Failbetter Games has promised quite a lot of content with Zubmariner. Firstly and most obviously, your ship can be converted so that it can dive beneath the surface. Furthermore, a whole new world is available to explore because of this. Nearly a dozen additional ports can be found underneath the sea. New enemies wait to end your life, and a new end game ambition can be found. One to find the secret to immortality.

Finally, This expansion also promises to add on to the horror of the game. The Steam page cryptically promises that, “Sanity is scarcer. Death is closer. We warned you, Trespasser. You should not have come.” Zubmariner is available on Steam and GOG for the slightly odd price of $10.99.

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