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Champions #2 (Comics) Preview

The Champions welcome in a new member with the X-Men’s Cyclops… or do they?

Welcome to the Champions Cyke

It’s the series that’s been called “a breath of fresh air” (Newsarama), “a revolution” (ComicBook.com) and “a diverse and empowering team for a new generation of readers” (ComicsVerse) – and they’re about to get a new member! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside CHAMPIONS #2 – the thrilling next issue from Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid and Eisner Award-nominated artist Humberto Ramos! The Champions’ mission to “change the world” has reached the ears of a prospective new member – Cyclops! Looking to escape the shadow of what he may become, Scott Summers seeks to become a full-fledged member of the Champions. Only not all of his would-be teammates feel the same way! Welcome to the Champions, Cyclops – hope you survive the experience! Don’t miss CHAMPIONS #2 – coming November 2nd!

Did you miss the first issue of Champions? Look for a new printing of Champions #1 also hitting stores on November 2nd!

I’m digging where this is heading. Not only is this a good old fashioned team up book, but it’s one with a classic message. These are a group of superheroes with the goal of being, well, superheroes. And honestly, that’s pretty refreshing.

Cyclops returns

I also love the fact that Cyclops is joining (maybe). He’s thankfully back from space, and hopefully on a track that’ll have him heading back to the X-Men eventually. In that, this comic could represent a big moment for the mutant.

I’ve been a fan of the X-Men’s field leader for as long as I’ve been an X-Men fan, which is a while. And it’s no secret that he’s fallen from grace in the Marvel U. The version of Cyke that we all knew is dead however (again… maybe), so this version is the time-displaced younger ‘copy’ of the character. So basically, he’s a second chance, a kind of soft reboot.

That’s got me pretty pumped that we might see a return to form for him at some point. Granted he’s a little young to be a leader for the X-Men, and stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Magneto, but he fits right in on the Champions. As for the rest of the squad, no complaints there either. Ms Marvel, TA Hulk, Spider-Miles, Viv Vision, and Nova – all solid.

One of Marvel’s newest, Champions is definitely one to watch for fans. Catch the first (second printing) and second issues on November 2nd.

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