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Endless Space 2 Released on Early Access

Endless Space 2 is finally available for play

Back in 2012, Amplitude Studios released the original Endless Space.  It was a 4X game set that started the Endless universe. They would proceed to make two more games in said universe, as well as several major updates to Endless Space.  The majority of which were free. Amplitude later announced Endless Space 2. As of today, it has finally been released on Steam’s Early Access.

Endless Space 2 aims to improve and build on the original in several ways.  Story lines unique to each civilization has been included. New features have been added, including more exploration mechanics, political systems, and increased civilian roles.New factions are also being introduced. The vampiric Vodyani, the mercantile Lumeris, and the sentient trees known as the Unfallen. The Unfallen are unique in that they are community created.  In fact, much of what makes them them is still being voted on.  All of this merely scratches the surface of what Amplitude has promised.

Endless Space 2 is currently available for Windows at $29.99. The digital deluxe edition is also available for an extra $7.50. It comes with the soundtrack, a ship skin, and two extra heroes. If this edition is purchased during the early access period, it comes with another skin and several G2G forum benefits.  G2G being the medium through which the studio includes the fans in development.

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