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Dishonored 2’s Daring Escapes Trailer


If ever there were a trailer that made you want to run out and buy a game, then you know what Arkane Studio’s is up to now with Dishonored 2’s Daring Escapes. Dishonored 2’s latest trailer makes sure that we are ready and waiting for the release date.

Dishonored 2's Daring Escapes


Whether you’re in it for the Shadow Walk, Far Reach, Transposition or one of the other special abilities, you should have plenty to choose from. Karnaca will definately be at your mercy. Though it will not be an easy task. And if you think some of the abilities are over done, but were a fan of the first game, then you won’t be disappointed here either.

Dishonored 2 is arriving worldwide on November 11, 2016. Reserve your copy for PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One today.


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