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The Doom OST is finally up for purchase

Yes Doom fans, that rocking soundtrack is finally available for purchase. Time for some head-banging.

The Doom OST lives

If you’re a fan of Bethesda and iD Software’s rebirthed Doom that hit earlier this year, then chances are there was one question that still lingered for you. That being, where the hell is the soundtrack?

A standout, especially for fans of the 1993 original, the soundtrack is pretty freaking epic. Featuring riffs on the classic tunes, and all new hard-hitting, head-banging metal, it’s boss – even for someone who’s not usually into the musical genre.

Why the OST took so ridiculously long to actually get here I don’t know, but it finally is. PC Gamer points out that the fanfare is at just about zero for the album, and that Bethesda didn’t even really announce it. All of which is strange, especially for something that fans have been asking for.

Instead of Bethesda putting out a press release, the composer Mick Gordon was the one who broke the release news. His ‘Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) is available right now on iTunes and the Google Play Store (which apparently is charging .50 USD more for some reason).

Sure you can buy it, but it’s free to listen-to as well

If you’re not into buying the album though, you can still listen to it. That’s thanks to Gordon posting the whole thing to his YouTube channel. Each track has a separate ‘video’, so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing, or bother cueing it to a specific part if there’s only one or two tracks that you want to hear.

Personally, and even though I do wish there was a physical disc version, I bought the Doom OST instantly. I can’t get enough of it- especially At Doom’s Gate, which is track no.2. Why? Have a listen.

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