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Catch the Season Premier of Ash vs Evil Dead for free

Ready for season two of the bloodiest, most gore-soaked show on cable TV? Ash vs Evil Dead’s premier episode will be free to watch.

Good, bad… I’m the guy with the free episode

When it debuted last year, Starz Channel offered the very first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead for free. All signs point to the gambit having been a successful one. I say that, since the show went on to be a hit, quickly spawning a second run. And now that Bruce Campbell’s horror-superhero is back in action, you’d best believe that you can catch the first installment for free once again.

No, you don’t need a subscription to Starz to enjoy this first episode of season two, though there’s more than just that. As of tonight, IGN will be streaming the episode on its Facebook page… plus a few extras. Yes that’s super-early, and yes, that’s awesome. It’ll be not just the first episode of this new season though (#201- “Home”), but also interviews with series stars Campbell and Lucy Lawless.

You can catch this special peek at the above link through the 9th of October too. So even after the show’s had its season premier on cable, you can still go back to those interviews if you like. It should also be noted that Starz itself will run the episode for free too, though it seems as though you won’t get the interviews with that method of gratis viewing.

A marathon of demon killing

If you missed out on that first season by the way, Starz will be running a marathon of it on Saturday, October 1 beginning at 9pm ET on the network’s Starz Encore channel. And if you miss that, you can catch it again on Sunday, October 2. That second marathon will start at 2:50pm (yes, really) ET/PT on STARZ. It’ll lead right into the season premier at 8pm, which is pretty neat as well.

Personally, I can’t recommend Ash vs Evil Dead enough. It’s funny, bloody, loaded with action and horror, and just a great all-around time. And really, what better way to kick off Halloween month?

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