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No Man’s Sky Bug Patch Released

Dozens of fixes abound in the latest patch for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a very controversial game, there’s simply no avoiding it. It has both it’s firm critics and defenders in term of its quality. That’s neither here or there at the moment, as both sides could most likely agree on one thing. The game was rather buggy on its release, something that affected many players. Now, however, with the 1.09 patch, many of these bugs have been addressed.

Hello Games has provided a very long list of the changes made in the patch. First and most obviously is the improved ability to recover corrupted save files. This fix in particular was singled out by Hello Games, hinting that it had been a problem for many gamers. Other fixes made include improvements to the UI, preventing accidental resource loss, and visual fixes.

While this no doubt will make No Man’s Sky more stable, one can’t help but wonder if it will do much to fix the game’s reputation. Many people have already criticized this patch, saying it doesn’t fix many of the game’s shortcomings. However, new features are still coming to the game. As such, the game’s future is uncertain, and has a chance to improve for the better.

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