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Battlefield 1 beta was biggest ever for EA

Apparently you really dug the Battlefield 1 beta. Like, a lot.

Thirteen million strong for the Battlefield 1 beta

Massively popular. That’s probably the best and most descriptive phrase that I can think of when referring to the recent beta for EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1.

Set in the days of the first great war, Battlefield 1 was only playable in multiplayer form in the beta, which wrapped up last week. Not that not being able to play the campaign dulled players enthusiasm any, according to EA’s numbers.

The beta pulled in a staggering 13.2 million players across available platforms. And with a duration of only 9 days, that number’s made even more impressive. Also impressive? Some of the individual stats.

Most played in terms of class was Assault, followed tightly by the Scout. I’d think that kind of thing was to be expected though for most FPS’. What’s decidedly B1 however, is the Armored Train, which took down 13 million players. And kills on horseback tallied up to a mind-blowing 62.2 million. Think it’s safe to say that the horses are a hit?

Take a gander down at the infographic for more of the above, and then get set for some WWI action when Battlefield 1 hits consoles and the PC on October 21st.


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