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Midnighter and Apollo #1 (Comics) Preview

The Authority’s number one couple returns, this time to the DC Universe with an all-new limited series.

Action, romance… and lots of punching

Finally, the world’s finest couple strikes back! Following up on MIDNIGHTER, one of the best action books of 2015/2016, DC’s new miniseries, MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO hits back with more explosive, creative, page-bursting action than ever before. From their days as founding members of The Authority, the heroes Midnighter and Apollo have been forever linked both professionally and romantically. On October 5th, they’ll be back, badder than ever, in a six-issue miniseries to continue Midnighter’s story, written by Steve Orlando with art by Fernando Blanco, colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr., letters by Josh Reed and covers by ACO & Fajardo Jr.

“MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO is the book we need right now, as comics’ most iconic queer couple face down a new enemy and show us that we can never give in to fear, hatred, and evil,” says Orlando. “And they do it with their own brand of action movie wit… and punching. I won’t just deliver fans the much-anticipated return of Apollo. I’ll also feature the Lords of the Gun and the iconic Mawzir from DC’s seminal Hitman, as well as Underworld Unleashed‘s Neron. And that’s just the beginning. It’s a knockdown, drag out, DC Universe western revenge thriller that starts kicking from page one!”

MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO #1 debuts October 5th, 2016. Final order cutoff at your local comic book store is Monday September 12th.

Midnighter, Apollo, and a major demon too

Well it’s probably about time that we saw Apollo directly teaming with Midnighter in the DCU. I’ve only been reading Midnighter here and there, but it’s kind of a no-brainer isn’t it? Not only are they a couple, but they were a part of The Authority together for years. That was back when the Wild Storm universe was off on its own prior to joining the DCU, and recently as well.

And can I just highlight that Neron is in this book? I mean, we haven’t seen him in the DCU in a loooong time. Like ages in fact. I’m pretty sure Neron’s last go-around with the heroes of DC was back in the Reign in Hell event, which was years ago. If he popped up after that, I certainly didn’t notice.

If it’s more of the main characters you’re looking for though, DC has a graphic novel heading to retail that you might want to look into. Midnighter: Vol. 1: Out is actually available right now for your reading pleasure. And if you want more after that, Midnighter Vol. 2: Hard will hit the racks after the first issue of the Apollo team-up book lands on the fifth. Look for that on October 19th.

Scroll on down for the full preview in the gallery.

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