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Overwatch: Season 2, New Map, and Rebalancing.

Overwatch’s latest patch brings a lot to the table.

Overwatch fans have a lot to digest as of yesterday’s patch for PC and Xbox One. The second season of the game’s competitive play has begun, with significant changes to the ranking system. In the first season, players were given a score of one to one-hundred, the higher the better. Now players will be given skill tiers of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and grandmaster. Sudden death has also been removed from competitive play. Tied matches will be declared draws.

A new map will also be included in the update, the old fashioned German town of Eichenwalde. In the backstory, said town was the staging ground of a daring flanking maneuver that helped push back the omnic crisis in Germany. The map will be available for both escort and assault.

The last major aspect of the update is rebalancing that affected nearly a dozen heroes. For many the changes are quite minor, but some received more significant changes. Genji and Lucio have received noticeable nerfs, while Mercy, Mei and Hanzo have received buffs. Though considering Hanzo’s abnormally large hitboxes is rather infamous among the Overwatch fanbase, it remains to be seen how this will be received.

Countless smaller changes have also been made. Including skins, bug fixing, and small tweaks to the gameplay.

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