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Pokemon Go Bug Problems and Reactions

Pokemon Go is running into a couple of problems

Pokemon Go has recently been taking the world by storm. With tens of millions of downloads, it’s not only become one of the most popular Pokemon games, but one of the most popular games in history. That being said, it is not without its fair share of problems and bugs.

This bug was not initially present, but made its way into the game by accident. Niantic has promised that it is working on a fix. That being said, this is not the first problem that has occurred in Pokemon Go.

The function that tracked how far away Pokemon were had not worked from day one. It also hampered the game to the point where Nitantic simply removed it. What is more, legendary Pokemon were accidentally placed into the game, with them being removed after the developers had realized their mistake. In the process, some players had lost the legendaries they had obtained.

All in all, Pokemon Go seems to be having quite a rocky time. To the point where the game is facing major backlash from fans. Time will tell if this hurts it in the long run.

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