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Starbound Exits Early Access with Version 1.0

Starbound finally lifts off.

Starbound was one of the first games to enter Steam’s Early Access when it first came out. For two and a half years it has been in development, starting in December of 2013.  Its initial development has gone back even further, starting in 2011.  There has been some backlash towards the long development period, with some fans being concerned about the game not being finished.  However, that came to an end yesterday, as Starbound was finished.

Chucklefish, the creators of Starbound, have used this time to commentate on the game’s popularity.  They claim that over two million copies of the game have been sold as of Feburary 2016.  They also claim that as many as 88,000 people were playing the game at once during launch.

With the game exiting Early Access, it is now available on the Humble Bundle and GOG.com.  It is worth noting that, even with the game’s release, feedback is still rather mixed.  Some of the negative feedback is leftover from the long development time, but not all is.  Whether the game is good or not is something to be decided on an individual basis.

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