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BG Plays Resident Evil 7 Demo Live tonight

Look what popped up on my PSN this afternoon, none other than the brand new Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard teaser demo. So as a change from the scheduled TLoU stream on our BG Twitch, I shall be playing through the demo live from 8PM BST, thats 12PM PST.

You wake up alone on the floor of an abandoned farmhouse. Daylight is quickly fading. You must find a way out.

A thrillingly immersive horror experience for the five senses. This full model change to the frightening ‘Isolated View’ player perspective, and photorealistic graphics of the cutting-edge RE Engine mark a new beginning for survival horror. Enter a terrifyingly new world of horror and survive.

Warning: Contains scenes of horror and violence.

Playstation Store Description.


Due to the nature of the game, I’m issuing a swear warning for the stream, so please be aware this game is more suited to over 18’s, and not likely to be a hit with those of a sensitive nature. 

So if you would like to witness me experience my first ever Resident Evil game, or even if your intrigued and would like to see what the new game of the franchise has in store, tune in to Brutalgamertwitch at 8PM BST/ 12PM PST.

See you there guys and girls. 😀

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