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The Walking Dead Recap 615 “East”

The penultimate episode for season  six of the post-apocalypse survival has come and gone, leaving the audience with more anguish.

There is a lot going on in this episode. Daryl (Norman Reedus) decides to take his revenge on Dwight (Austin Amelio), the savior who stole his crossbow and killed Denise (‎Merritt Wever) last episode. After a brief scene where a Johnny Cash song is played while characters are finally appearing back to normal, we are met with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) in bed. Michonne mentions that she needs to get up to keep to Maggie’s (Lauren Cohen) schedule, and mentions that she doesn’t want to piss off the pregnant lady.

Near the gate, Maggie, Michonne, and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are talking about the upcoming project, but are interrupted by Daryl’s leaving, They, joined by Rosita (Christian Serratos) set out behind Daryl to try to find him.

Meanwhile, Tobin (Jason Douglas), shows Rick the note that Carol left him. A brief discussion decides that Rick and Morgan (Lennie James) will set out in search of Carol.

The first glimpse we get of Carol (Melissa McBride) this episode is of her driving a car with a number of wooden spikes coming out of it. She crosses paths with a truck full of implied saviors who shoot at her and cause her to spin out. She pulls out the scared routine, if it can be considered an act at this point, and while the savior’s guards are down, Carol uses her ace, an apparently automatic pistol from up her sleeve, to blow some of them away. she dispatches the rest after a slightly drawn out confrontation.

We don’t see what happens to her, but we do see that one of the saviors picks up her dropped rosary and appears to follow her into a field.

Rick and Morgan, on the way to where Carol presumably went, have a discussion about what is necessary in terms of taking risks. They come upon the scene of Carol’s fight and set out after her (presumably before the savior sets out).

Next we come to Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita who are searching for Daryl. They come to the spot on the tracks where Denise was killed and shortly find Daryl’s bike. They trek into the woods in search of him. Daryl shoots first, nearly hitting Rosita in the face. Glenn pleads with him to go home, and they can fix the problem together. Daryl argues that he can’t, and goes off in search of Dwight, Rosita in tow.

Right after Daryl and Rosita leave, a number of Saviors appear and subdue Glenn and Michonne.

We next see Rick and Morgan walking through a field. They see a man dressed in armor who yells that he is looking for a horse, but quickly runs away due to the high walker presence. Rick and Morgan dispatch the walkers, and Rick returns home, leaving Morgan with his gun to continue searching for Carol.

The last scene we see has Daryl and Rosita coming upon a tied up Glenn and Michonne. Dwight appears behind Daryl, says “Hi,” and blasts him away. If it weren’t for his snide “You’ll be okay,” I would be very worried about Daryl’s fate.

Next week is the long awaited promised entrance of Negan. I personally can’t wait, although his introduction will likely mean disaster for our group.

Below is the teaser for next week’s 90 minute season finale.


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