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Pokemon Sun and Moon officially announced in Nintendo Direct

Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of pokemon company, opened up the special Nintendo Direct, giving an explanation of the time that has passed, 20 years, since Pokemon saw its first release.

The majority of the five minute direct consisted of a video detailing how Pokemon has evolved through the years, showing people interacting with and through the game. The biggest hit of the direct came towards the end, when Ishihara announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon would be available for a worldwide release during Holiday 2016.

In addition to this huge announcement, Ishihara announced that the eshop versions of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank. For the first time ever, trainers will be able to take Pokemon from the original generations and use them in the new games. The eshop rereleases will be available tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 27.

Ishihara mentioned that all of  the adventures leading up to Sun and Moon will be culminating here. I really hope we might get to travel to some different regions this time around. Time will tell.

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