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PS4 to get some kind of PS2 emulation

After saying that Sony wasn’t really interested in revisiting the past in the wake of the Xbox One’s Xbox 360 back-compatibility, it looks like the company has changed plans a bit.

Well, it’s not PS3 emulation, but it’s actually way better. Skipping over their last-gen console’s library, Sony has officially announced that PS2 games will be coming to the PS4… in some way.

Just how this is all going to play out is something of a mystery right now, but Sony told Wired recently that they’re actively working on getting PS2 game “emulation” going on the PS4. Whether this means that you’ll be able to re-buy the games over the PSN in a digital format, or simply pop in your PS2 DVD’s and update them for play a’la the Xbox One/360 scheme is unknown.

Either way, it’s nice that Sony is looking backwards after all, and giving gamers an even wider selection of stuff to play on their PlayStation 4’s. Personally, I still have my original PS3, which could play anything from the line, but for those who only have a PS4 hooked up, this’d be pretty awesome- particularly if it turns out it’ll be emulation that’s disc-based.

While we’re all waiting for the announcements on what’ll be supported and when, don’t forget that a round of PS2 titles are actually available right now on Sony’s newest machine. You can get Star Wars games Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter, and Bounty Hunter as a part of the classic Star Wars games that were just released onto the PSN.

Source: MCV

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