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Spidey’s most psycho villain gets a solo book with Carnage #1

Carnage is set to shred the Marvel with his own solo comic, and he’s on the run from a special FBI team out to stop his latest murderous spree.

This November, the symbiote psychopath and most dangerous serial killer in the Marvel Universe is back in CARNAGE #1! Legendary writer Gerry Conway (Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral) and artist Mike Perkins (Deathlok) take you on a descent into madness as Cletus Kasady leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. But the FBI is hot on his trail. A specially equipped team comprised of military hero/astronaut John Jameson, a reformed Eddie Brock/Toxin and more – they’re ready to put an end to Carnage’s reign of terror once and for all. But when Carnage escapes into an abandoned coal mine, the FBI’s plan is starting to look like a trap…FOR THEM. Don’t miss the terrifying debut of the Marvel Universe’s most terrifying new tale in CARNAGE #1!

I’m a little surprised, since I wasn’t into the Carnage standalone idea at all, but there’s seemingly a lot to like about this book. Not only do we get a steady dose of Carnage in all his over-the-top splendor, but we also get JJ’s son and Eddie Brock in steady action, who hasn’t really been a major factor in anything in a good long time.

Brock is one of my favorite Marvel villains of all time from his stint as Venom, and even though he’s Toxin now, it’ll still be all kinds of cool to see him star in a book on a regular basis – and go head-to-head with Cletus. That’s always a good time right there.

Carnage #1 hits the stands on November 11th from the team of Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins.

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