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mushroom 11 – of destruction and growth

Destruction is the only way to grow!

After receiving recognition from such organizations as PAX East, GamerCamp Selection, Geekie Award and GDC, Mushroom 11 is making it’s way to you.


Produced by the indie studio Untame, a tag-team of two husband-and-wife duos in New York City. Inspired in part by the mythical story of Ouroboros, the mythical tail-eating snake.

You are a fungal organism that escaped the cataclysm, which wiped out the human race. Explore your world by pruning your mushroom, blooming new cells where old cells died. Traverse a mysterious world ravaged by annihilation. Travel like never before, across 7 unique worlds.


  • Unique puzzle-platformer where players remove cells to allow growth, traversing the landscape and solving challenges.
  • A wide variety of puzzle techniques, based on the mushroom’s motion.
  • Featuring the music of Electronica supergroup The Future Sound of London.

Mushroom 11 will appear just in time for National Mushroom Day! (October 15, 2015). Available for $14.99 from Steam and GOG. Look for it on PC, Mac, and Linux. Sprouting out for mobile in 2016.

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