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Total War: Warhammer rolls out the Dwarfen artillery

They might be small in stature, but Warhammer’s Dwarfs pack a mean punch on the battlefield.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that almost anyone who’s a Warhammer fan is excited for the latest game from Sega and Creative Assembly. People have been clamoring for a Warhammer-focused Total War game for along time after all, and to see it in motion is really something else. It kind of completely captures the fun of the tabletop game after all.

I’ve always been a big fan of the property’s classic fantasy races too, so to see the Dwarves battling it out on the field, well it’s pretty awesome. And in this new trailer, we get to see some of the most devastating hardware that exists in the Warhammer realm, all of which is at the fingertips of the Dwarves.

Brilliant with engineering and bristling with technical smarts, the Dwarfen armies make up one of four playable races in the game. And what you see here in this video is the mainstay of their forces, and what will be the deciding factor in any Dwarf victory.

Stay tuned folks, lots more to come on this one as we get closer to launch. As to when that might be… 2016 ‘at some point’ seems like a safe guess.

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