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EGX Hands-On: Aaero

Time for some musical, on rails shooting.

Quite a few people will have fond memories of on-rails musical shooter Rez.  Anyone who was a fan of that game might be in for a treat in the form of Mad Fellow Games’ forthcoming on rails music game, Aeero.

The demo of Aeero on show at EGX consisted of three levels, each set to a different musical track.  The idea of the demo is to get to the end of the track, scoring as many points as you can in the process.  You move a spaceship around the track and you have two ways to score points.  Some sections of the level have a blue light trail, which you need to touch as much as possible.  While in the blue trail, it adds an extra beat to the music as well to let you know you’re doing things right.  In addition to that, enemy ships will fly into view.  Moving the right stick around will move a reticule that locks on to enemies and obstacles, and then you hit the ‘fire’ button to destoy them with your missiles.  You need to be careful, though.  If you hit a wall or get hit by an enemy at any point, your multiplier bar resets and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Aeero is a visually interesting game, with it’s clean, futuristic looking ships and tunnels contrasting with rocky, desert environments and a giant worm, which was a boss battle in one of the levels.  The worm was interesting as well, with one section of the level involving you actually flying around inside the worm, running the blue guide lines.  The levels themselves weren’t particularly difficult, but this is just a demo and the full game will have more challenging levels and boss battles, so that’s something to look forward.

Aeero is a cool looking and well playing rhythm action game with a great soundtrack, and is well worth keeping an eye on if that’s the sort of game you love, and I know I do.

Aeero is being developed by Mad Fellow Games and is coming soon to PC.

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