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Ubisoft makes it official, Zombi coming to current-gen consoles and PC

ZombiU has been resurrected as ‘Zombi’ and will shamble forth to plague Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers next month.

There is no ‘U’ in Zombi, and leaving that little letter off means that the survival horror game that revels in its own permadeath is finally coming to something outside of the Nintendo Wii U, for which it was one of the better launch games. You probably could have guessed that already though, since although it was announced today officially, the game has been something of a poorly-kept secret for a while now.

Now that it is official though, we can share that above trailer of the new and improved, GamePad-less Zombi, and it does look pretty sharp. Still packing your Bug Out Bag, which can contain a wealth of items and tools that you collect from your surroundings, you’ll need to forge into the dense fog that covers the city of London, and spreads the infection that turns normal people into the voracious undead. It’s a game of survival really, as you’ll pretty much just be trying to last moment to moment.

And just like the original title, the permadeath mechanic means that, each time you die, you’ll be plugged into the body of a new survivor and have to start over again. There is a choice of course at that point though, as you’ll need to decide whether or not to track down your infected former-self and try and get your pack full of goodies, or start clean with nothing. Not for wimps, this one.

Not too much longer to wait for it either, as Ubisoft’s Zombi arrives on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on August 18th.

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