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SDCC 2015: Robotech leads the way for Toynami exclusives

Toy-maker Toynami has unleashed their lineup of exclusive items for the big SDCC show coming up and there’s plenty to like if you’re a fan of big robots.

Not only do they have an awesome Robotech fighter available, but there’s a cool super-deformed Voltron that’s on tap too for Toynami- and it actually transforms into the Lion Force and back. How freaking cool is that?!

Then there’s that incredibly old school Shogun Godzilla (with launching fist!), an Acid Rain set that’s all painted up to look like a classic ‘army men’ figure and vehicle, and that b’dass Endoskeleton skull from Terminator. All of which equates out to be a lot of stuff that you’ll probably not want to skip over when you head on down to one of the biggest cons of the year.

You’ll find all this awesome stuff only at Comic Con too, and only at the Toynami booth, which is number 3229 on the convention center floor. As usual too, this stuff is all first come, first served; so get there early if you want to make sure you get your goodies.

SDCC comes early this year, so I hope you’re ready for your flight. The show runs July 9th through the 12th.

Robotech GBP-1 – Stealth Fighter – Heavy Armor
In honor of Robotech’s 30th Anniversary, Toynami is excited to present the Heavy Armor GBP-1 Stealth Fighter 1:100 Scale figure. It is fully articulated just like the classic 1:100 transformables, and can be converted into Fighter, Battloid or Gerwalk modes. The Armored Veritech GBP-1S system allows a single VF-1 fighter to wield the artillery firepower of an entire squadron. The armor is able to withstand several withering barrages from enemy fire, but prevents the Veritech from transforming into fighter mode, and must be jettisoned if the pilot needs maneuverability. *Heavy Armor accessories can only be used in Battloid mode.
•             Retail Price: $99
•             Limited to 1000 pieces
•             Size: 6” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Robotech in 2015! The highly popular Robotech Super Deformed Blind Box collection has an exciting new character! Toynami is proud to present the exclusive VF-1S Stealth Leader Comic-Con Exclusive. These are sure to go fast, so be sure you get yours while they last!

•             Retail Price: $15
•             Limited to 1,000 pieces
•             Size: 3” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Voltron Altimite DX Transforming SD Voltron
This is Voltron as you’ve never seen before! Super Deformed! Fully Transformable! Mini-Pilot Figures included! This powerhouse figure boasts a high shine with a metallic finish, in this show-only exclusive! The 5 lions will form Voltron, and each transform separately.

•             Retail Price: $150
•             Limited to 1,000 pieces
•             Size: 6.5” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Shogun Warriors Godzilla Jumbo in Green
Travel back to the groovy 1970s with the SHOGUN WARRIORS Godzilla in green! Available exclusively at SDCC. Made to replicate the original vintage design, the SHOGUN WARRIORS GODZILLA features flicking tongue action, rolling wheels under the feet, and a firing right fist! Stands 19 inches tall!
•             Retail Price: $300
•             Limited to 300 pieces
•             Size: 19” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Acid Rain Green Jeep + Green Sol Commander
Acid Rain gets nostalgic with an American classic! Revisit childhood memories of toy soldier battles with the Acid Rain Green Jeep which includes a fully articulated Green Sol Commander 1:18 scale figure. All Acid Rain exclusives are notorious for instantly selling out, so be sure to come early for yours!
•             Retail Price: $50
•             Limited to 1500 pieces Worldwide, 300 US
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Chronicle Collectibles Terminator Genisys ½ Scale Endoskull
Chronicle Collectibles is proud to announce the Terminator Genisys™ ½ Scale Endoskeleton Skull. A completely new sculpture and design by Legacy Effects. While it still retains a lot of the design from the original T-800, this skull is 100% unique to Terminator Genisys™. Legacy Effects designed the new Endoskeleton digitally and printed every part for laser accuracy and proportion.
•             Retail Price: $20
•             Limited to 2,500 pieces
•             Size: 4” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

Getter One Robo – Proto Getter Exclusive
Arcadia proudly presents an exclusive version of its super deformed die-cast robot line “AA Gokin” with Proto Getter in purple! This is the OVA from the movie “Getter Robot Armageddon”. This robot features light-up eyes and multiple points of articulation including sliding shoulder hinges to create the dynamic poses as seen in the animation! Comes with expandable cape and weapons. Constructed of sturdy die-cast and plastic (button cell batteries sold separately, not included). Also available are the original version in red and limited edition metallic red.
•             Retail Price: $110
•             Limited to 500 pieces
•             Size: 5” Tall
•             Available at: Toynami Booth #3229

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