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E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront heads to Hoth and Tatooine

There’s not too much to complain about in this new, frozen, Hoth-centric trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. Quite frankly it looks freaking awesome.

Okay nay-sayers, what do you have to add about that? I know there are no space battles in this new Battlefront, and you really want to say something negative about it, but come on already! It looks amazingly good!

The graphics are stunning, the gameplay looks fast and extremely fluid,  and… it’s a new Battlefront! I’m not even that big of a fan of this series, and I love it. How could you not, there’s freaking walkers in it. Walker Assault to be precise.

One of the game modes in Battlefront, Walker Assault places up to 40 players on some of the biggest maps to be offered in the game, like the frigid ice planet of Hoth here. As you can see too, you’ll also be able to play as ‘hero’ characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Clearly too, canon won’t dictate who you can use where as that was Jedi Knight Luke we saw facing off against the Dark Lord.

Not sold yet? Well then why not check out this Survival Mission based on Luke’s homeworld of Tatooine? It’s got Shocktroopers!

So far so good, unless you’re one of those people who hates everything, then I guess it looks terrible. And you certainly won’t be interested in it when Star Wars Battlefront lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th.

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