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E3 2015: Madden 16 weighs in for the new season

Looking even more realistic than ever, Madden 16 looks like a champ.

Well as a Giants fan myself, I have to say that I approve wholeheartedly of that trailer. I also hope to see some of those antics in the actual NFL season that’s upcoming, because I’ve had my full of that… whatever that was last year. Madden curse looming though, I have to wonder if that’s anywhere near a realistic thought.

Anyway, I digress because we’re supposed to be talking about how great Madden 16 looks. And man, does it look good. Yes I know, I know… it’s just a ‘yearly upgrade’, but the graphics are terrific and I’m excited, so there. There’s actually some new stuff this year too, like Draft Champions.

In an effort to make the game a little like playing a Fantasy Football season with your buddies, Draft Champions gives gamers a team to play with, and then draft for. You’ll have to fill in positions that you’re shaky on, and even those that you don’t have players for, so it will be a necessity in the mode to draft (that’s kind of the point after all). You can also play others with your fantasy team online which is pretty cool, though you’ll never actually be ‘in’ a draft with another player, you’re your own island for that.

EA has also bumped up the passing game, and players should find that aspect of gameplay more fun than it has been. According to them, they’ve put effort into the AI of both the offensive and defensive players, with struggles (like at the point of the catch) benefiting quite a bit.

That all sounds great, and it’s good to see the game continuing to evolve, even after a pretty incredible outing in Madden 15. Gamed isn’t too far off either, as Madden is scheduled to hit consoles this August.

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