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Toy Fair 2015: Mezco shines with One:12 Collective

Mezco’s newest line of toys (which only has 2 figures as of now) is also their most impressive. The One:12 Collective figures of Batman, and Judge Dredd (and his ride!) are almost impossible to not want.

Somehow, Mezco Toyz has managed to make figures with cloth outfits that don’t look poorly sized, misshapen, and otherwise… odd. I remember many of the ‘Mego’ style figures from the ’90s and the sort of weird look that they all had. It was like they all went to the same bad tailor or their clothes were seconds picked up at the discount store.

Outside of the 12″ format, I don’t think I was ever really happy with the way fabric outfits looked on toys, till now anyway. Once you see these bad boys in person, you get a true sense of the magic that Mezco has pulled off here with the One:12. They’re simply stunning with uniforms that not only fit well (like real clothes), but also are detailed appropriately and come with a ton of accessories for maximum displayability.

Another nice addition to the line too, is Dredd’s Lawmaster motorcycle. The bike looks awesome and is perfectly replicated from the comics. I have to add here that I’m not exactly sure what the deal is on the mutant leader that Batman is shown fighting. He might be another figure in the series, or just a mockup made for the really nice display that the company put on at Toy Fair. He did look pretty cool though.

It wasn’t all One:12 at the show though. Mezco also showed off some incredibly cool Mortal Kombat X figures with Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kitana, and more all making appearances in the display cases. As you can see, these are pretty easily some of the most highly-detailed MK toys ever made and are head-and-shoulders what’s been put out for collectors in the past. You’ll also notice some ‘big head’ statues from MK and some plush that are surprisingly cool.

Have a look at what’s on tap for 2015 from Mezco in the gallery below.


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