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Details on Evolve’s new monster and season pass

Turtle Rock has new information regarding a new monster and the season pass for Evolve.

Just a few days away from another beta of Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios has revealed the fourth monster, Behemoth. This monster is appropriately named because it is enormous. It is the biggest monster Turtle Rock has shown the public. The Behemoth monster is slow but really packs a punch. This monster is not going to be an easy task to take down.

With the addition of the Behemoth, Hunters will need a new strategy as this is one tough monster. The Behemoth looks like a living rock and moves around the levels by rolling. The monster cannot jump and climbs slowly, making it an easy target. But don’t expect an easy fight as this monster has the most armor and the most life. Not to mention the Behemoth has a pretty nice collection of attacks.

A good strategy for Hunters is to probably hit quick and move. The Behemoth is at an advantage in close combat. Attacks like the Tongue Grab allow the Behemoth to snag a Hunter with its tongue and then bring it in close for melee attacks. Look out for the Rock Wall as a large semi-circular shield blocks all incoming damage done by Hunters. If the Hunters do survive a couple of punches then Behemoth can cause a Fissure, which causes the ground to crack open and spray out hot magma onto the Hunters. For those Hunters that decide staying out of range is the best tactic, Behemoth has a Lava Bomb and can hurl it at targets. Behemoth will be a free ad-on by preordering Evolve, otherwise the monster will cost $14.99. Turtle Rock has also announced the details surrounding their season pass.

The season pass will cost $24.99 and will include four new hunters and the “magma” skin for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith. Purchasing the Hunters individually will cost $7.49 each. A digital version of the season pass will include Behemoth, all the Hunters and “magma” skins for all the monsters. This version of the game will run $79.99 and includes the game, Evolve. Lastly is the PC bundle. PC players can purchase the Monster Race Edition which includes the game, all the Hunters, all the monsters and one monster yet to be named as well as two more Hunters. This version will cost $99.99. The beta for Evolve on Xbox One starts on January 15 and the release for the game is February 10, 2015.


The Behemoth is the biggest monster in Evolve.

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