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Microsoft Unlocks Seventh Core of Xbox One to Developers

Over the holidays hacker group H4LT exposed some interesting information about the Xbox One. The group released Xbox One development tools, firmware, and documentation, including the fact that Microsoft freed up space on a seventh core processor for developers. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have eight CPU cores, reserving two for running the operating system in parallel with games. Microsoft is now making 50% to 80% of a seventh core available, but with some limitations. The limitations primarily relate to using Kinect controls both in game and general command prompts. In the leaked documentation Microsoft acknowledges the issue and states they will address it in a future SDK update. These small issues are far outweighed by the potential of the free space. With games increasingly requiring more processing ability, the freed up power will aid developers with negotiating previous system limitations. Some have pointed to Assassin’s Creed Unity functioning better on the Xbox One as evidence this was a successful move. This has some exciting potential for developers and gamers. Hopefully future Xbox One games will fully capitalize on Microsoft’s decision.

Source: Eurogamer

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