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Street Fighter 5 looks to be a PS4/PC exclusive

Is the next Street Fighter title a PlayStation exclusive? It certainly looks that way.

Well, this is a massive feather in Sony’s cap. It looks like Capcom’s next installment in the classic Street Fighter fighting game series is set to be a console exclusive on the PS4. A leaked trailer that slipped onto the web this morning, and was subsequently scuttled, clearly stated that the game would be coming for the PS4 and the PC.

No mention of the Microsoft Xbox One was included in the leaked footage, which plays out in a kind of funny motivational manner and talks about ‘rising up’ to challenges. No footage of the actually game was shown, though the logo was splashed across the screen; a logo that looms over the words ‘exclusively on PS4 and PC’.

It seems kind of strange that the Xbox platform would be excluded from having the game appear at all, especially considering that the series has appeared on Microsoft consoles since the original Xbox. I’m just going to make an educated guess here that Street Fighter 5 will be a release in line with what was announced this past E3 with the next Tomb Raider title, and that it’ll be appearing as a timed exclusive on the PlayStation brand. Just how big a gap in time we’re talking about here we don’t know, but it could be significant as, if Sony ponied up for an exclusive title of this magnitude (and Street Fighter is still a massive brand, even if it’s not as big as it once was), they certainly didn’t do it for a few months lead time.

We’ll have more official word as soon as something breaks, which should be soon as there’s a PlayStation event this weekend in Las Vegas where all sorts of announcements are expected.

Source: Polygon

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