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Square Enix Releases HD Walkthrough of Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix even does demos big. At the end of October, Square Enix released a tech demo for Final Fantasy XV along with a ten minute walkthrough of the game. Today, Square Enix re-released the ten minute walkthrough, but this time in 1080p.


There is so much in that video to whet the appetite of any JRPG fan. This game is beautifully rendered. The world is lush and the lighting is amazing. Movement is fluid and has real weight. The only real issue is that this was literally a walkthrough with no real action beyond running around the landscape. There is only one combat encounter and it was more of an accident than display. The tech demo from the same October release shows a little more in terms of depth of the game.


From how they design terrain to character creation, the video shows the bare bones of the work. It is clear this will be one of the most beautiful games of the year. Though none of this should be a surprise as Square Enix regularly delivers visually stunning games.

The larger question is whether Final Fantasy VX will be as amazing as these demos. Square Enix has faced some setbacks with the game, especially since switching to releasing on the new gen consoles. They even decided to not show anything at this years E3, which made some people question where the game is. This walkthrough and tech demo should assuage some of those doubts as well as concerns over porting to the new gen consoles.

Hopefully, we will soon have a new Final Fantasy game to devote an obscene amount of time on. In the mean time, we’ll have to make due with whatever walkthroughs and demos Square Enix tosses our way.


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Source: Gamespot

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