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DC Comics converges its Multiverse in 2015

DC has a massive two month event planned with a total of 40 two-part mini-series’ and the comics debut of television writer Jeff King. The best part of all of it? Pretty much all of your favorite characters will play a part- and I do mean all.

Not a typical crossover event in the style of Our Worlds at War or even Crisis on Infinite Earths, Convergence will be universe shifting in more ways than one. DC has announced that the series will feature multiple versions of DC’s characters and truly explore the DC multiverse way more than it has been skimmed through in the current book, Multiversity.

What does that mean? Well, it means you might be seeing some old friends and an even an old ‘universe’ with the possible appearance of the pre-New 52 versions of characters. The New 52 of course, was a reboot of sorts for the entirety of the DCU that launched in Fall 2011 and spun out of Flashpoint, itself an event book that focused on the Flash and created an alternate timeline why radically different versions of the heroes and villains that you know.

Things kick off in April 2015 with a zero issue that will followup directly on both Earth 2: World’s End and The New 52: Futures End, a pair of series’ that are currently running through DC’s lineup. Convergence will actually be replacing DC’s usual monthly slate of books (so don’t worry about buying 40 more comics in addition to the ones that you already pick up) and will be capped by issues one and two of the series’ title book. The main heavy? That’s set to be a brand new cosmic-level baddie named Tellos. DC is so far fairly quiet on exactly what and who he is, but we do know that he’ll be linked to Brainiac in some way.

Also kind of interesting and notable here is that the main plot line of the Convergence is being penned by Jeff King, a writer that you’d probably know more from his television work than anything else. This is actually King’s first foray into the wonderful world of comic books and DC has obvious high hopes for him and his ability to spin a good superhero yarn.

Helping him along the way though, will be a pair of big names that you definitely know if you’re a DC devotee. Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobdell will both have their hands in the series. Jurgens’ contribution will get things started with the zero issue, which he’ll co-write, while Lobdell won’t be penning any scripts directly, but will be helping to lay out the roadmap of what’s on the way during the book’s two month run.

There’s a lot to like with Convergence so far. Not only are there a ton of pretty awesome alternate versions of the current roster of DC heroes in that teaser image above, but the title kind of implies that all realities are coming together. If that’s the case then we might see something of a rebirth of the New 52 line here. Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, co-publishers of the line, have actually gone on record saying that the series will address certain loose ends from the changeover to the New 52 from the classic DC Universe and clear things up as to what’s really still in continuity and what isn’t. And we’re talking about big time events here too, like Bane breaking Batman’s back and the entire Death of Superman saga.

This one’s going to be big, and it kicks off in April of 12015 and comes to a close one month later, in May. Mark your calendars DC fans.

Source: USA Today

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