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Details on the “The Dark Below” the next DLC for Destiny

Details for the first round of DLC for Bungie’s Destiny, The Dark Below, has been released. The DLC will contain a new story surrounding The Hive. Three new story missions will have the Guardians battling The Hive in the Hellmouth. There will also be a ton of new gear, a new strike, a new raid and the level cap will be raised two levels. This DLC is all about The Hive and their attempts to rise their god, Crota, to destroy Earth and the Guardians.


The Dark Below will be available for download on December 9, 2014

A new character named Eris will arrive at The Tower recruiting Guardians to help eliminate Crota. Guardians have already put a stop to Crota during the mission, “Crota’s Sword.” It seems as though The Guardians were not able to stop the process and now the threat is growing.


Be prepared to battle with Crota in The Dark Below, the new DLC for Destiny available December 9

There are also a lot of add-ons included with The Dark Below. New weapons, ammo and gear will be available to help The Guardians defeat The Hive. The level cap is also being raised from level 30 to level 32. Three new maps will also be available for the Crucible.


Tons of new gear will be available with the new DLC, The Dark Below

These new maps in the Crucible will continue to pit Guardians against each other. Visit the Black Garden on Mars in the map Patheon. Get ready for vehicle battles with the map Skyshock set in the Cosmodrome on Earth. The last map, The Cauldron, will take Guardians back to the Moon and inside The Hive’s base.

The Dark Below DLC will be available for download on December 9, 2014.

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