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October is Here! Welcome to Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror!

A special place rests in the collective heart of Brutal Gamer for the month of October and the Halloween festivities that it brings. Join us now for a look at what’s to come for the tenth month of the calendar and BG’s first annual Month of Terror!

Ah October, the tenth month of the calendar year brings lots of things that no other time of year can- piles of new games, crisp and cool weather (for most of the country anyway), plenty of candy to eat, and -of course- Halloween.

Whenever I think of the Autumn, I inevitably think of one of the coolest holidays there is. Pretty much everything is awesome about All Hallow’s Eve, the decorations,  the goodies… everything. Of course, it’s all that much better if you’re a horror buff or a fan of all the things that go bump in the night. And to that end, we’ve got a pretty special month of festivities lined up just for you.

Horror movie reviews, looks at some of the hottest horror comics out there, reviews of some of the best horror games that will be seeing release this month, and special articles looking at different parts of the horror landscape when it comes to gaming are all in the near future here in October. And there’s actually a lot to talk about when it comes to horror games these days thanks to the glut of them that are hitting the market right now or will be soon.

Big budget, triple-A games like The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation are leading the way and cementing the genre as one of the biggest in gaming while indie’s like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Over 9 Thousand Zombies, and Doorways: The Underworld (all games well have reviews for this month) are taking new looks at what’s scary and pushing the theme further than ever before. It’s indeed a great time to be a horror fan ladies and gents, and this month is going to be a celebration of all of what the genre has to offer.

So with that, I’ll hand off the capper for this announcement to our own Jake C, the mastermind of Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror and one of our staff writers. Hope you enjoy what we have in store!

And now, a word from Jake C…

The true month of horror is finally here, BG’ers! If you’ll remember back a few months ago in May, I got kind of sick of waiting for my favorite time of year to get here, and decided to jump ahead several months. It was “Halloween in May” here at BG, and while those little things we did for fun back then were cool, I can assure you, they shall pale in comparison to what will be going on for the month of October.

There will be at least one horror game review a week, several spooky group features, classic horror movie reviews (and maybe some not-so-classics), and possibly some retro reviews featuring some of the older games that make us jump and scream in terror. So get on some fresh pants, check under the beds, sleep with the lights on and get ready for Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror.

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