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Doodle Jump gets plasticized and hits Toys R Us’

Lima Sky’s popular Doodle Jump game is getting immortalized in plastic and will be in-store at TRU’s nationwide soon.

“Toys”R”Us is a natural fit for Doodle the Doodler,” said Lima Sky Chief Licensing Officer Eric Karp. “We’re throwing the full force of the millions of daily users who play Doodle Jump behind this exclusive partnership.”

TRU has, if you haven’t been in one in a while, been expanding their ‘digital brands presence’ quite a bit over the last few years. Toys from more niche companies now hang on the pegs alongside stuff from established and classic names in some pretty prominent places at the retailer, and Doodle Jump definitely fits in nicely as a new addition.

Put together by Australian company Goldie Marketing, Doodle Jump toys will come in Minidoodle, Plush, and Megadoodle form. The Minidoodles will be available in 18 different styles and be for sale in both a blind two-pack and six figure set. As for the Megadoodles and the Plush, those’ll be 5″ in height and and offer six different designs to choose from. If you’ve played the game, then the Pirate, Sumo, Wolfman, and Rapper should be instantly recognizable to you, and they;re just the first of what’s on the way.

Series one is available exclusively at Toys R Us stores and can also be purchased on the retailer’s website. A second set  of the figures is also on the way and should be hopping along some time in early 2015.

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