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New Resident Evil remake gets a trailer and more stills

Continuing with the Resident Evil reveals today, Capcom has premiered a trailer for their latest revision of the original Resident Evil and taken the wraps off a few details for the game.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that they kept the GameCube ‘exclusive’ bit in there for this re-release. That’s what that last shot was by the way. You know, the one with the creepy passageway and the moaning?

And the rest of the game is looking pretty much the same as that Nintendo GameCube version as well. At least, it is from the trailer and the screenshots below. There are some new elements though, ones that you can’t really see, that weren’t in the 2002 ‘original’. Now, there’s nothing story-wise, or as far as characters (at least, not that’s been announced yet) go, but a more action-oriented control scheme has been implemented here.

You’ll be able to move your character in the direction of the analog stick for the first time in RE, though it should also be noted that, if you like the ‘tank’ controls from the classic, you’ll also be able to use those. The graphics and sound are the other two big changes as the look of the game has been bumped up with better resolution and texture quality. Resident Evil will run in 1080p for current-gen consoles, which should make for some nicely detailed scares as well, and you can also choose to run the game in 4:3 or the new cinematic 16:9 format. Much like the video, the audio has been revamped too and will now be in 5.1 output; hard to believe the original remake didn’t have that.

So with all that, this is pretty much the definitive version of one of the best games in the survival horror genre. Ready to make a return trip to the mansion in the woods? Resident Evil hits the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in early 2015. Noticeable by its absence is a Wii U, which is a shame considering where the remade Resident Evil made it’s debut, though it probably should have been expected with the revamped visuals.

Aside from that one down note though, there’s gonna be a whole lot to play for RE fans in q1, as that’s also when Resident Evil Revelations 2 is set to arrive.

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