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Shulk confirmed for Super Smash Brothers

As expected, the videos of Shulk in Smash that were leaked turned out to be real. Xenoblade‘s Shulk is jumping into the fray.


This announcement came on the eve of Xenoblade’s confirmation for New 3DS. Shulk’s revelation trailer begins with Bowser charging through Gaur Plains, he then looks over to see someone carrying a peculiar red sword. Shulk uses his patented backlash technique on Bowser, launching him into the horizon. Shortly after, he gets a vision of the future, where Marth oandLink tag-team him. He quickly dodges their attack and retaliates with a bevvy of Monado arts. His abilities are very cool, the monado’s up A attack is very similar to like Snake’s (only instead of launching a projectile he’s using a beam of light), and he can counter with sword like the Fire Emblem lords.

Shulk can employ various Monado arts in battle, such as Monado Shield, Monado Speed, and Monado Buster. His final smash is a chain attack with Dunban, Riki; they surround their enemy and unleash a fury of beatings. Finally, there’s the actual Xenoblade stage itself. Guar Plains is confirmed as a playable level in Super Smash Brothers 4, the best part is you can fight on the cliffs that were originally impossible to reach in the game. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be up there, and now I can experience that.

Now that the videos have been confirmed to be real, we can only assume that the footage of Bowser Jr. is also real. The fights with Shulk also included Bowser Jr. in the mix, so for those of you that were hoping he would make it in Smash, now is the time to celebrate. As we inch ever closer to the inevitable release of Smash in October, there’s going to be a flood of new information. Be sure to keep a look out for updates on Brutal Gamer, we’ll be covering a great deal of news to come. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on Shulk’s inclusion in Smash.

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