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X-O Manowar zeros out this October

The ‘0’ issue of Valiant’s marquee title is set to tell the complete tale of Aric’s rise in a story that’s aimed to both be a fresh start for new readers and fill in the blanks for fans form the start.

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of X-O MANOWAR #0 – a colossal comics milestone and an all-new jumping-on point arriving in October from New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (ARMOR HUNTERSGreen Lantern) and superstar artist Clay Mann (X-Men: LegacyGambit)! In the wake of the sold-out success of ARMOR HUNTERS, start reading here as the world’s most wanted hero returns to his roots for a never-before-revealed look into X-O Manowar’s past!

Also joining this landmark exploration of Valiant’s hardest-hitting hero is Eisner Award-winning artistDave Johnson (100 BulletsSuperman: Red Son), who will contribute FIVE interlocking shelf covers forX-O MANOWAR #0!

In addition to the centuries-spanning origin tale by Venditti and Mann, each component of Johnson’s epic, five-piece interlocking image revisits a different chapter in the life of Aric of Dacia, the man behind the armor – his abduction and enslavement by the maleficent alien race known as The Vine in the fifth century A.D.; his escape and arrival in the modern day with The Vine’s ultra-powerful X-O Manowar armor; his pursuit by the cunning intelligence agent called Ninjak; his ascent into the ranks of the unbreakable all-star superteam codenamed: Unity; and, finally, his battle against the onslaught of the alien Armor Hunters!

After narrowly surviving the events of ARMOR HUNTERS, X-O Manowar – or what is left of him – must look to the future, but, to do so, he must first learn the startling secret of his past. Be here on October 8th to learn the violent, never-before-told origin of Visigoth life under the brutality of the Roman Empire, and how the modern day’s most feared armored hero began his journey to the stars nearly two millennia ago.

Don’t miss the most demanded Valiant story of the year as Robert Venditti and Clay Mann usher in a brand new beginning for one of the most acclaimed series in comics today, only in X-O MANOWAR #0 – now featuring five, must-see interlocking variant covers by the incomparable Dave Johnson!

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Valiant continues rolling through 2014 with #25 issue celebrations of their characters and the zero issue of arguably the biggest name in the company’s superhero universe X-O Manowar. Aric is not just one of the top names in Valiant, but has also shot to the top of the list when you talk about the most interesting characters in comics. Not really what you’d call a traditional ‘superhero’, the man in the X-O Manowar armor is every bit a conqueror as he is hero.

It’s a dynamic that makes the series all that much more interesting. Also working towards that end is the fact that, although we all pretty much know how X-O came to be, nobody really knows his complete origin, as it’s only been told in bits and pieces. With issue 0, that all changes as writer Robert Venditti takes the wraps off the heavy-metal hero’s past. Of course, that also makes issue 0 the perfect place for new readers to jump onto the X-O train too.

Valiant has made a huge point of having jumping on points show up in it’s books from time to time and it strikes me as a fantastic idea. Sure some other companies have done ‘reboots’ or ‘revamps’, but nobody opens up their universe as well or as often as Valiant. None of these points are rebooting anything, and all of them are consistent, things that other companies struggle with from time to time. As a long-time comic fan in general, that’s something that’s very much appreciated.

As for X-O Manowar #0, you can look for that on October 8th, from the team of Venditti, Clay Mann, and Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic. Variants? Sure they’ve got those too. Expect alt cover art from Dave Johnson, Jeff Lemire, and Bryan Hitch, as well as one by Mann.

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