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The Mountain Monsters team take on the Devil in the sky tonight

The latest episode of Destination America’s Mountain Monsters show tackles an airborne predator called the Snallygaster.

Hearing This ‘Devil in the Sky’ Screech Will Make You Shudder with Fear

This Friday’s all-new episode travels to Preston County, located at the junction of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Since the days of the eighteenth-century German immigrants, locals have reported the presence of a huge, Pterodactyl-like creature patrolling the skies. Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) arrive in “Snallygaster Circle,” and quickly find they may have bitten off more than they can chew. The AIMS crew learns the Snallygaster is an 800-pound expert aerial predator who is as equally dangerous on land as it is in the sky. After relying on a huge dose of Appalachian ingenuity to complete their most complex and difficult trap build yet, the team faces off against this ferocious flyer in a showdown they will not soon forget.

Pterodactyl-like creatures are nothing new to the US. As they talked about in the description above, for centuries both Europeans and Native Americans have described beasts in the skies that look an awful lot like the prehistoric animals that we all know only from reading about the ancient terrible lizards (who weren’t really lizards) that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Is it even remotely possible that one species survived to cruse the skies today?

Considering all the massive tracts of land and sea that we really know very little about on our own planet, I tend to always lend a certain amount of credence to talk of undiscovered animals. And if one of those undiscovered creatures just happened to be a dinosaur, or a relative thereof, well that’s so much the better.

Whether the AIMS team can actually catch one or not, that’s another story. But just in case they do, you might want to tune into Destination America when Season 2 of Mountain Monsters continues tonight at 10pm, 9pm central.

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