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E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Expectations

The Sunset Overdrive presentation began with quite honestly one of the best game trailers I have seen in a while. The beginning of the trailer threw me off, as it seemed to be just another shooter with who seems to be a main character under fire from a group of mask wearing terrorists. Then the game’s colorful protagonist bursts in the door and starts laying wast to the opposing terrorists. He also makes a smart-mouth joke about cover-based shooters (which made me smile).

When the terrorists are defeated, he turns around to the soldier and says “There, now you and your box are safe!” and walks out the door he came in through. I could write out the whole trailer, but why read it when you can watch it?

During the gameplay demo at E3, it boasted energy-drink infected monsters (for that alone, I might have to get this game -ed), gun-toting scumbags, a collection of entertaining weapons, hilarious one-liners, and interesting graphics.

Sunset Overdrive is a fresh IP from Insomniac Games, creators of some of my favorite game series’ of all time including Ratchet and Clank. It ships this coming October, boasting some of the most fluid, impressive, and fun looking gameplay I have seen in quite a while, and is definitely a breath of fresh air for the gaming industry. I’m extremely excited to play Sunset Overdrive, and I can’t wait until October 28th to get my hands on it, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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