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Activision teases PMC’s in next Call of Duty

This Autumn’s Call of Duty title, due to be revealed this Sunday by Activision and Sledgehammer Games, gets a very special tease in a combined effort with documentary TV show VICE. Ready for the rise of the Private Military Corporation?

However you feel about the privatization of the military industrial complex, that video has to be a little jarring. The bottom line is that at any time, a PMCs loyalty could be bought by someone other than its employer. In the real world, that’s far from great and is worrying from a security standpoint on a national scale. To further cloud matters, it almost seems like people don’t even know that PMCs are a real ‘thing’- and there are a shocking number of commenters on that trailer who don’t seem to even think that PMCs are real. On the somewhat less than serious side though, and if we’re talking about a video game, it could be prime fodder for some serious CoD-trademark moments.

With the series’ that make up the Call of Duty franchise in something of a state of flux in this post-Ghosts, post-Modern Warfare era, the second run Call of Duty is primed for a complete remaking. And we won’t have to wait all that long to find out what new developer Sledgehammer Games has in store.

Cross your fingers CoD fans, Call of Duty 2014 is set to be unveiled this Sunday, May the 4th. Want some more disturbing numbers on the global PMC situation to chew on the in the meantime? Click the thumb to the right.

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