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Dark Souls II arrives on the PC, start the body count

The latest sequel to one of the hardest action/RPGs in recent years is finally here for the PC.

Already available for consoles, Dark Souls II has been a hit with fans and critics alike. Now the game, which sets players on a dungeon crawl against uber-tough monsters and demons, has made the jump to the PC. The series on the whole has been a bigger hit than I think anyone would have thought. A good part of the game’s central mechanic is dying and learning from your mistakes in order to progress.

In an age where most games are more tilted towards the mass buying public and intent on holding your hand form start to finish, that’s a rarity and one that most probably would have figured would have limited the game’s appeal. Not so though- apparently, gamers what a challenge in their play experience. Imagine that.

Go beyond death on the Xbox 360, PS3, and now on the PC via Steam.

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