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Wargame Red Dragon naval battles look insane

Seriously, I’m still hang a hard time believing this is a strategy game. Oh, and preorders and the Beta are coming up in short order.

I mean really… Red Dragon is looking better than AirLand Battle and that was amazing. It seems like Eugen Systems outdoes themselves with every launch of these Wargame titles and Red Dragon is no different. We haven’t seen a sea battle spotlighted before though and it’s predictably stunning. What you’re seeing in the trailer is ” a wave of massive destroyers, explosions, smoking cannons and warships sent to the bottom of the ocean” by the way. and yes, it’s all ‘in-game’.

Eugen actually went out and said that the battle in the trailer was the “the biggest and most impressive naval battle ever seen in a video game” and I’ve got to say, I believe them. Usually naval forces are relegated to afterthought status in games like these… actually naval battles are relegated to that in just about every game, so it’s particularly nice to see ship-to-ship combat playing such a big role in Red Dragon.

Now that you’ve see the goods, it’s probably a good time to tell you that the preorders have opened up for the game. And that’s not all, because with a preorder plunked firmly down, you can take part in the Beta Early Access and dig right in to some multiplayer battles right this minute. And we;re not just talking boats of course because Red Dragon has sea, air, and land units (tons of them) and, while you can’t play the single-player campaign in the Beta, you can play with up to 20 other players online. That alone is a massive selling point for the strategy gamer who’s into multi in a big way.

Interested? You can grab a preorder for he PC version of Wargame Red Dragon and secure your place in the Beta by clicking here or here. Oh, and if you own Wargame AirLand Battle, you’ll nab yourself a cool 25% off the asking price too- so make with the clicking.

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