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Iron Patriot #1 (Comics) Preview

A Secret Avenger no more, James Rhodes dons the Iron Patriot armor to battle a new kind of foe; one that lurks behind the scenes in his own country.

This March, peel back the layers of Colonel James Rhodes in IRON PATRIOT #1 – the all-new series from critically acclaimed writer Ales Kot and fan-favorite artist Garry Brown! Who is the man in the armor? What drives him? James Rhodes may have quit the Secret Avengers, but that’s not going to stop him from bringing the fight to the bad guys from inside the Iron Patriot armor! But his heroism will come with a steep price…

“James Rhodes has a family. James Rhodes has friends. James Rhodes has a suit and responsibility and dreams and hopes, and he just realized he needs a new plan;” says writer Ales Kot, in an interview with Marvel.com. “Something that will be more in touch with who he is and what he wants.”

As new villains emerge and a deadly conspiracy from within America grows – the Iron Patriot stands alone against impossible foes. This March, the war comes to the home front in IRON PATRIOT #1!

Rhodes is one of those classic characters, who’s been around forever, yet doesn’t really get the name recognition that he deserves. A member of the West Coast Avengers and Tony Stark’s tag team partner basically since he debuted as War Machine, it’s about time Rhodey got another crack at a stand-alone series of his very own.

Putting him back in the Iron Patriot suit seems only logical too since the armor was worn so prominently by the character in the Iron Man 3 film from last year.Personally, I like War Machine better, but it makes sense to us the Pat here. It should be interesting too, to see what Kot means when he spoke about Rhodes’ family life above. There might be some very cool (and seldom touched upon) themes in the book, which’d be a very good thing indeed.

Iron Patriot #1 rockets onto the racks on March 26th from Marvel and the team of Ales Kot and Garry Brown.

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