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New Nintendo commercial thoroughly explains Wii U’s functions

Nintendo has made yet another ad explaining in great detail what its new console is all about. The commercial seems to appeal to the wider audience they captured last generation.

It’s no secret that the demographic Nintendo attracted with the Wii hasn’t exactly been biting in the Wii U‘s first year. With sales being less than satisfactory, a new approach in marketing the console is being taken. From television, to radio, to the internet, Nintendo has been aggressive with its advertisement. Perhaps the most notable examples are commercials such as the above; in depth explanations of the Wii U to your average customer. Many people still don’t know what the Wii U is exactly, and will mistake it for a mere extra peripheral for the Wii. The latest ad continues this trend by repeatedly reminding consumers that the new console is in fact an upgrade, and can play video games in HD.

While it may seem a little patronizing, this is a necessary strategy for Nintendo; as it’s clear that the general public just doesn’t understand what the console is and what it does. The commercial also displays the benefits of the Wii U’s functions, such as being able to watch youtube, Hulu Plus, etc. on the Wii U gamepad, using it for off TV gaming, etc. Families are once again the focus here, as parents and children are shown playing video games together. Their initial approach was to somewhat distance themselves from the image they created during the 7th generation, but it appears they’re refocusing their priorities. The question of whether this will work remains to be seen, as the holidays still aren’t completely over. We’ll get an overall better picture when the fiscal year ends. For now, all we really have to rely on is the weekly retail numbers.

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